March 2021

UDP User Datagram Protocol

What is UDP?

UDP stands for User Datagram Protocol, and it is an efficient and fast communicating protocol to exchange messages between networks and devices. 

It’s very used on the Internet for tasks sensitive to time, like video transmissions, real-time systems, and DNS lookups. 

This protocol is a David P. Reed creation (1980). An American computer scientist whose contributions helped wireless communications networks and computer networking development. UDP has become fast an important Internet protocol suite’s element.

Learn what UDP header is!

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Dynamic DNS vs Static IP

Dynamic DNS vs Static IP

When you want to have a server at your home or office, but you are using a typical Internet service provider, you have 2 choices for connectivity – Dynamic DNS or Static IP address.

The Dynamic DNS could automatically change the IP address each time the ISP changes it. The Static IP address will remain the same as long as you pay it. What is better? Dynamic DNS vs Static IP.

What is Dynamic DNS

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HTTP error codes

5 Most common HTTP error codes

To manage a business website is challenging but also exciting. Every step running it drives you to a different corner of the tech world. It can be hard to get involved in every detail, besides the daily business tasks, but honestly, it’s very helpful. Sometimes you get HTTP status codes errors, but don’t get desperate.

What are the HTTP status codes?  

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